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Connor Frehlich, BSc. CPT

Strength & Conditioning Coach
On-Court Skills Coach
Facility Manager

Connor is passionate about Strength & Conditioning


Connor’s work ethic and love of Strength and Conditioning has been developed through participation in various high level semi-professional sports; he was a former captain of the University of Calgary Men’s Volleyball team, and has also trained at the national level for bobsled and Olympic weightlifting. Through these pursuits, Connor has gained experience training in a variety of disciplines, which include Olympic lifting, sprint training, power lifting and weight conditioning.  He believes that aspects of these training disciplines can be applied to individuals from all backgrounds or levels of experience to achieve their training goals.  With commitment, Connor believes that all goals are attainable, regardless of how big or small they may seem.  Connor is focused on developing the fundamentals; whether you are a novice or high performance athlete, a strong foundation is imperative to promote greater development in the future.  His passion is fueled by progression, as nothing is more satisfying than seeing an individual succeed at something that was a struggle in the past.  Connor’s training philosophy is to encourage individuals to step outside their comfort zones.  Here, he believes, is where clients can become the best versions of themselves. 

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