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Vert Academy

Available for 13U to graduating athletes

Program duration: Monthly (June, July, August)

Gains are made in the off-season! Vert Academy is an elite program that focuses on improving vertical jump through sport specific means. This program uses an evidence-based approach that combines technique training, strength training, and plyometrics to improve power production and reach new heights. This program is for highly motivated athletes who are dedicated to achieving long-term results. This is a small group program that will accept a maximum of 15 athletes/session to ensure an advanced training experience.  Vert academy programming is periodized over the three month off-season to promote optimal results; athletes are welcome to sign-up for just one month, but it is encouraged to participate in all three to achieve maximal gains. 



If you know, you know...

Noon Drop-in.
Noon Drop-In

Pre-register online ($15/session)

Get your sweat-on over your lunch break!  We offer drop-in training every Tuesday and Thursday from 12 - 1pm. 

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