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Volleyball Training Philosophy

What we do.

Why is Young Fitness the authority for volleyball strength and conditioning?


We Know Volleyball!


Young Fitness is comprised of athletes who have played and trained at the highest level, so we understand the demands of the sport. Having experienced this journey ourselves, we know the system and the path to success. Mentorship is an important part of what we do, and we have helped hundreds of athletes improve their vertical jump, speed, agility, hitting power, and prevent career threatening injuries. Our athletes go on to play at the collegiate level, earn scholarships, win championships, and even play professionally. 

Vertical Jump Training

A great vertical jump is a crucial part of our sport; every inch gained is an advantage over your opponent. The ability to get up higher not only allows you access to shots that aren't available to you from a lower height, but it also increases your ability block balls and take away court from the other teams attackers. Our strength and conditioning is based on improving this important part of your game by improving your leg power. Power is simply force x velocity, which means we need to improve both your basal strength levels and your ability to tap into them incredibly quickly. We can even pinpoint which element is lacking through force-velocity profiling. Based on your individual profile we prescribe a mixture of compound strength elements with true and false plyometrics to ensure optimal strength and quickness.

Jump Analysis & Technique Coaching

A common limiting factor to a great vertical jump is the technique used to propel yourself into the air. We are experts at analyzing jump inefficiencies and coaching improvements. An athlete can gain critical inches of vertical jump simply by becoming consistent with the movement patterns needed for an effective spike or block jump. 

Speed, Agility, Quickness

Our game is dominated by small explosive movements. The ability to quickly react and respond to the visual cues of the game allow you to put yourself in the best position to make a play. Whether it is at the net or chasing down a rogue ball, our strength and conditioning trains athletes fundamental movements patterns and physical literacy that improves the efficiency of their on-court movements. Once these concepts are solidified, we use evidence-based drills to increase your speed.

Hitting Power

The ability to hit the ball with a great amount of force will increase the chance that the ball hits the floor. An often overlooked component of volleyball strength and conditioning is training arm strength. We employ strengthening and explosive arm speed exercises to ensure that you hit harder and faster than your opponents. 

Injury Prevention​

Staying injury free is an important part of a long successful volleyball career. In volleyball we see a wide variety of both acute and chronic injuries. Typical sites of these injuries include shoulders, backs, knees and ankles. Young Fitness utilizes a mixture of mobility and strengthening exercises to prevent these potentially career ending injuries from happening.

Regular Testing

Both the athlete and the trainer need to be held accountable to ensure achievement of training goals.  At Young Fitness we use regular testing to track training progress.  By implementing regular testing, we can track training gains over time, as well as ensure that your programming is effective for your specific needs based on measurable results. 

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