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This is the main version of Vert Academy Mesophase #1. It requires athletes to have access to a heavy dumbbell (goblet squat), medium sized dumbbells (lunges and presses), and small dumbbells (shoulder circuits). Some additional equipment is beneficial but not required. Substitutions based on additional equipment availability are listed in the additional information sections. This phase of Vert Academy is intended to be followed for 5-weeks and contains strength days, speed/plyo days and off-day exercises. 


Vert Academy is intended for athletes who wish to increase their vertical jump and overall speed. The program utilizes an evidence-based approach that combines strength training, speed/plyometrics training and technique training to improve an athletes power production. Vert Academy may not be suitable for athletes dealing with minor or major injuries, consult a physician/physiotherapist prior to attempting this program. This phase of Vert Academy is intended to be followed for 5-weeks.

VERT Academy: The Program (Mesophase I Full Equipment)

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